Creative web design company that will design a dynamic web site for your company. No web design company understands design and concept more than us. Let our web design team quote for the design of your company’s web site.

If you want to beat your competition you need a web design team that understand the Internet and can provide quality service and hosting.

Divadani Design, the UK’s most innovative and imaginative Web Design Company and Scopula, Europe’s leading search engine optimisers work in partnership to design powerful web sites to provide your company with a dynamic web presence. Divadani Design is a web design company that design better performing websites. We work in parallel with the best search engine optimisation company in Europe to ensure you get the traffic you need through the search engines.


As a web design company we believe web hosting and domain name registration are an integral part of our Web Design service. Our clients are free to obtain web hosting and domains on their own through other web providers. However subscribing for these two services with our company come with many additional benefits.

If you host your website on our servers, it gives you the advantage of having everything under one roof. If your site develops a problem in the future, you’ve no need to worry if it is down to the hosting company or the designer to address the issue. Just come to us and we will sort it out for you, whether it is a site related issue or a hosting related issue.

From our point of view, we prefer clients to host their sites with us as we then know exactly what hardware and software platforms the site will be running on,. This makes it easier for us to ensure that the site will operate flawlessly right from the start.

Our hosting service is reliable and packed with features. All packages come with at least 100Mb of web space and 1Gb of bandwidth. In addition you can have up to 100 POP3 email accounts and an unlimited number of email forwarders.

Some web design companies will insist you use their hosting services and then charge you over the odds for the privilege. All our hosting packages are competitively priced from around ?5.50 per month.


As a Web design company we know that confidence in your IT systems is crucial when operating a business. From time to time, there may be an occasional problem when you may need qualified assistance - technical problems, updates needed, modifications, search engine optimisation and others. Our web team reacts within 24 hours and can solve your problems quickly and efficiently. Due to the effectiveness of our support team sometimes we react and fix the problem before our clients even notice there was one!

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