Television advertising commercials, production, campaigns. Television advertising that gets results from the UK’s number one television production company. We produce more TV commercials than any other advertising production company in the UK.

Televisual Magazine's survey of the top television advertising production companies has put us at Number 1 for five consecutive years. That's because we make more TV commercials than any other UK advertising company.

Space City specialise in: DRTV - Direct response TV advertising that get results. Cost - effective Commercials - made on tight budgets, ideal for first time advertisers or challenger brands. You will instantly recognise many of the advertisements we have produced for some of the UK’s leading brands.

If you are considering advertising on television – speak to us.

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Direct Response Television Advertising now accounts for 25% of all television commercials. With production costs starting from as little as £10,000 – even the smallest of ambitious companies can afford television advertising.

Making DRTV succeed isn't simple. Direct Response Television advertising combines the most powerful advertising medium with precise direct marketing techniques. It is a major growth area according to the DMA research centre.

Television advertising is a powerful and effective way of communicating sales and marketing messages to the viewer. Television commercials ensure you profit from a wide exposure and create awareness about your company. DRTV commercials also get results.

Direct Response Television Advertising – DRTV is designed to get instant results.

With Direct Response you won't waste any of your advertising budget. DRTV advertising is response driven so accountability is assured.
Space City understand the rules of DRTV, the creative principles involved to gain high response rates and the need to deliver every commercial on time and on budget.
The Direct Response advertiser is seeking to get an immediate reaction from the viewer, usually by inviting him or her to pick up the phone or visit their website.

We are committed to producing the best quality results within the budget available.

Direct Response Television Advertising should be highly cost-effective and profitable. Advertisers can target their intended respondents with greater accuracy using the increasing number of TV channels and demographic knowledge of the type of viewer they attract.

It is important to remember that most DRTV commercials are being used to create or enhance a brand. Apart from the immediate results, they often reinforce other forms of marketing - e.g. creating uplift in response rates to newspaper or Internet advertising or direct mail campaigns.

A client should allow six weeks from the date of an agreed/ approved advertising script until the first on-air date for transmission. This allows adequate time for all stages of pre-production and delivery of the broadcast tapes to the TV stations at least a week in advance of transmission.

As the UK’s leading television advertising agency, we take pride in working in a professional, cost effective and efficient manner without sacrificing production values.

We are sure that you will be impressed by the high level of commitment and professionalism shared by all members of our production team.
We have recently renovated our offices to include a new production suite, upgraded Audio and Casting studios and a new online editing facility has also been installed.

Think of a television advertising campaign and the likelihood is it was produced by Space City. We have produced some of the most successful DRTV advertising campaigns for UK television over the last 12 years. We have helped small start-up companies become household names.

We understand what is required to make a Direct Response Television Advertising campaign work. We can advise you every step of the way.

Our client list is impressive and consists of well-known companies and brands that you know very well. In a competitive market place, you need a television advertising company who can get you results.

Clients like: Axa/Sunlife, BBC Worldwide, Channel 4, Esure, Open University, Help the Aged, Reader’s Digest, Red Cross and Thomas Cook, to name just a few.

We have been producing television commercials since 1993; Space City itself has existed since 1981.We are now the largest producer of television commercials in the UK. Our reputation within the advertising industry is second to none. We do not make TV programmes or corporate videos -- we concentrate on doing what we do best.

We employ some of the best and most experienced producers and directors in the advertising world. We set very high standards of reliability and efficiency and we achieve them. Most importantly, we create high quality productions at extremely cost-effective budgets that deliver results.

So if you're planning to make a TV commercial, contact us now.

As the UK’s leading television advertising company, we can take you through every step involved in the production of your television commercial - a complete professional service from script to screen. Space City are at the forefront of the DRTV advertising industry, with more than 12 years experience in producing television commercials, and a team with over 100 combined years experience in the advertising industry.

Each new advertisement presents a unique challenge, creating new opportunities for us to innovate and develop fresh and exciting commercials that get results. Our aim is to foster and develop close business relationships with all of our clients in order to meet their objectives and deliver creative solutions to their marketing needs. This ensures our clients remain faithful to Space City, returning time and again to expand their advertising needs as their company grows.

Radio Commercials - recorded and produced in our own in- house studio. Cost - effective Radio Commercials - made on tight budgets, ideal for first time advertisers or challenger brands.

We can help you with every stage of production. We set very high standards of reliability and efficiency and we stick to deadlines and budgets.

So if you're planning to make a Radio commercial, contact us now.

If you are investing in television advertising with a view to driving more traffic to your website, it is essential that your website doesn’t let you down. Having succeeded in motivating high numbers of visitors to your website, you want your visitors to be immediately captivated by the design, you want it to be easy to use and it needs to be visually appealing so that it stands out from the bland image projected by your competitors.

It is also imperative that it performs in the search engines, so that people surfing the Internet, find it and as a result of your television advertising, instantly recognise who you are and choose to visit your site as a result. We are Europe’s leading search engine optimisers working with the UK’s most dynamic and innovative designers. Together, we combine to make an unbeatable website design team.