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Start your own business online selling SMS sex test messages. Make money online by starting your own internet text messaging website with just a small investment

Looking for a business idea to help you make more money? Could you start your own business on the internet? - an online business which can let you make money in your spare time with little effort and which you can set up for under 50?

Ever wondered how much money people make from Text messaging?

Then read on...

Everyday, thousands of people use premium rate SMS text message services for one-to-one adult sex chat. It is a growing market that appears to be unaffected by the recession. Sex text messaging services let men and women contact girls or young men in their local area for erotic text chat. It is a highly profitable and growing market place and one that you could get involved in for peanuts.

These adult text message systems support picture messaging too, so the girls can use their camera phones to send x-rated photos of themselves as well. How much you earn is up to you. Earnings of 500 - 2,000 per month are easily attainable with a little advertising and marketing. However, the income possibilities are huge if you really want to turn this into a major revenue generator.

The customer is charged 1.50 on his mobile phone bill for each message that he receives. This is a product that he doesn't have to pay for straightaway. Messages he sends are charged at the standard rate. A dozen good clients can earn you upwards of 500 per month. Some clients request hundreds of texts every month. Do the maths - this is an excellent way of making money without having to deal directly with your client or buy any stock.


Starting your own part time online business is simple.

As the operator of an adult text messaging business, you can earn up to 69p for every message that one of your customers receives. The only work you do is arranging and organising your own advertising to promote your service. You only need a few enthusiastic clients and you will start to see serious revenue. The only costs that you have to cover apart from your own advertising, are when you send reminder messages to your customers to let them know how much they have spent or to encourage them to come back for more chat. These messages cost 8p each and can prove highly profitable as they can stimulate a string of sexual content text messages.

In this way, an established premium rate SMS business can easily earn 500 per month. It doesn't take long to establish a regular income stream and how much you earn is entirely down to how much advertising and marketing you do.


You can earn money working part time or turn this into a full time business.

But where do you find the systems and the staff to operate the service? Well, that's where we come in and be of assistance. Your behind the scenes involvement is zero.

We have a team of expert text message operators - staff who are specially trained to send your customers the kind of adult messages which will keep them coming back for more time and time and time again. This is where the serious money can be made as customers enjoy the experience and just want more.


Once set up and you start to generate traffic to your website or directly to your SMS number, building a regular income stream is natural. You can just watch the money roll in.

Each horny operator can choose from over 140 different personas, each with its own collection of real-life photos that they can use to send to your customers. This adds extra realism to the customer experience and means that we have very high levels of customer retention. In other words, they keep coming back, again and again and spending money and as you build your clientele up, your income increases month on month.

Just one client is capable of earning you over 50 per month. Obviously, not all clients spend this much; others might only earn you 10 but the big spenders can earn you 100 + per month. It doesn't take long to add up.

Not only that, but we can cater for all sorts of different fetishes: bondage, leather, rubber, BBW, domination, and many more. So the appeal can be wide and reach any audience.


This is one of the best ways to make money online. The recession does not appear to be affecting peoples; libidos.

If you want to run your own premium rate SMS business we can have you set up on our system normally within 24 hours. You'll then get your own keyword - for example SEXY.

Then, to use your text chat service, all people have to do is text SEXY (or whatever your own keyword is) to 69992.

Remember, you don't need any equipment or staff to set this business up. We handle all of that for you and pay you a commission for each message that goes to one of your customers. As we said earlier, you can literally earn money whilst you watch football or are having a pint.

That means all you need to do is to promote the service using your own methods and get people using it. There are a number of ways you can do this.

Some people use offline advertising in the press. If you want to go down this road, we can arrange it for you at preferential rates.

Other people use email, facebook, Boogami Life, business card, leaflet drops, flyers, and other forms of localised advertising. Others use the internet.

But one of the best ways to promote an adult text chat business, in our experience, is to set up a website to tell potential clients about your services. This can be done for as little as 50. You can then use word of mouth or pay-per-click advertising to drive people to your site so that they can then join up for your sex chat service.


You can also set up your own web pages and use online marketing to attract clients.

Another low cost but extremely efficient online marketing system is to build pages on Utopele and link them into your website. You can optimise the web pages for any keywords you select and have total control over your online marketing strategies. Unlike pay per click, this is just a one off annual fee and could generate thousands in ongoing revenue.

When you partner with us to set up your SMS sex chat business, we will set you up with a unique domain name and a web page like this one.

And to give you some help with pay-per-click and other ways of promoting a website, we'll also provide you with a free copy of The Golden Web e-book; the internet entrepreneur's bible. This normally sells for 9.99 but when you set up a premium rate SMS business via us, we will give you a copy of The Golden Web for free. Even if this is not a business opportunity that interests you but you still want to make money online, you should still buy the Golden Web.


You will be surprised at how easy it is to start your SMS text messaging business on the internet. The cost of our complete package for starting your own adult text chat business is just 49.95. For that you get:
  • your own premium rate text number and keyword
  • a .co.uk domain name
  • a professionally designed web page
  • web hosting for the above
  • a free copy of The Golden Web
Alternatively, if you do not want the domain name and website and want to generate business through offline advertising, then the cost is only 9.95.

To find out more or to set up your account, please complete our enquiry form and we will contact you as soon as possible. Either option is not an expensive way of making money on a part time and what could build into a full time business.

There is money to be made from SMS text messaging and you could be earning extra money from this lucrative business area without any technical skills or knowledge of how this industry works.

Start your own business online selling SMS sex test messages. Make money online by starting your own internet text messaging website with just a small investment

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