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Sales leads mortgages. Buy sales leads for secured loans, homeowner loans and mortgages. Buy quality, qualified sales leads through our high profile mortgage sales lead generation systems and see your enquiry to sales conversion ratio increase.

We are Europe's largest internetwork with hundreds of websites under our management, generating hundreds of mortgage sales leads every day.

We use our knowledge of the search engines to create mortgage websites optimised for specific search terms, meaning that the people who find these web pages and send an enquiry were looking for something specific. Couple this with our precise qualifying enquiry systems, means that the mortgage leads we generate tend to be of a higher quality and more qualified than other mortgage enquiries.

Consultants selling mortgages buy our sales leads on a continuous basis at a rate that they can cope with. Most start off by just buying 20 and then, having proved their profitability, continue to buy our mortgage leads on a roll over basis.

Some mortgage consultants buy in excess of a hundred per month. One Mortgage advisor has expanded his business, with our help, to the extent that he now buys all the mortgage sales leads we can provide for his market sector.


  • Having ordered your mortgage sales leads, it takes us about two weeks to build the web pages optimised to generate your specific type of sales lead.

  • We then upload your mortgage pages to one of our web sites.

  • It takes about a week for the search engines to index these mortgage pages after which your mortgage sales leads will start to come in.

  • Your mortgage sales leads will appear in you inbox within seconds of the client making the enquiry.

  • At the same time, our systems send you an automated text message so that you can contact the client no matter where you are.

  • We do not tie you into any long term contract. We are confident enough to know that the mortgage sales leads we generate are of a high enough quality for you to want to continue buying them.

  • If you want to increase the flow of mortgage sales leads, we will design more pages and host them on our other mortgage websites.

  • We will continue to do this whenever you inform us that you want to increase the flow.

  • Wherever possible, we will try and include any information you require to help qualify a mortgage lead.

  • We will replace any mortgage sales lead that does not provide a genuine contact telephone number.
It is within our interests to ensure that we provide all our mortgage consultant clients with a continuous flow of qualified, quality mortgage sales leads. All the time you are converting them into sales, we know you will continue to buy your mortgage sales leads from us.

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