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We can help you broker the best property deals on the Green Coast.
  • Our services are FREE as it is the Green Coast property developers we use who pay us our commission.

  • Property developers are inundated with enquiries from dreamers and window shoppers. However, because we have a reputation for only representing genuine, serious buyers, Green Coast property developers pull all the stops out for our clients.

  • Using us does not increase the cost of buying a property in the Green Coast - in fact we will most likely save you money.

  • This is because property developers instruct numerous estate agents in Green Coast to sell their properties, so the same property can be being advertised for a range of prices.

  • Because we deal with scores of Green Coast property developers, we will know who is selling the property at the lowest price.

  • Property developers are limited by the properties they have on their books. We deal with all the major property developers in the Green Coast so have no limitations.

  • This also means that if you have seen a particular property that you like, we will most likely know where to get it at the cheapest price or know about a similar but better positioned property at a lower price.

  • We represent you not the property developer, so we look after your interests at all times.

  • We can therefore save you time as well as money.

  • Because we specialise in the Green Coast, we know where to buy, what to buy and obviously where not and what not to buy. We can help you avoid expensive mistakes.

  • We accompany all our clients on all viewing trips and property developers do not try and pull the wool over our eyes.

  • If you are serious about buying a property in the Green Coast, we believe we provide the best way possible of finding and buying a property in Portugal.
Buying property in the Green Coast, without taking expert advice and guidance is like a road traffic accident waiting to happen. The problem is; if you make a mistake, there will be no personal injury lawyer able to step in and help you claim compensation.

We specialise in Green Coast, Porto * Viana do Castela * Caminha * Braga * Pont de Lima * Guimaraes * Viana do Castela * Amerante - Green Coast - Green Coast

If you are genuinely serious about buying property in the Green Coast, contact us to find out why you should use us to broker your property deal.

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