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Talking to or selling a story to the Media or Press. If you have a story to sell to the media or press, talk to us first to get the max price.

Kiss n Sell was originally conceived as a fast and economic way to sell stories to the Media, Press and newspapers by Britain's leading media consultancy, PRhq. In December 2006, Kiss n Sell joined the Where On earth Group. Europe’s largest internetwork partnership, to take advantage of their dominant positions on the internet. Kiss n Sell is your first point of contact before you talk to the Press or plan a career in the media.

Founded by the senior UK journalist, Kizzi Nkwocha and Clifford Price a leading internet entrepreneur, Kiss n Sell specialises in providing a dynamic PR and publicity service to individuals and corporate clients, artist representation and marketing stories.

For companies and corporate clients, we are the only UK agency providing a professional PR service backed by a powerful internet, media publicity, television, production and marketing network.

Kiss n Sell provides an all-in-one package helping organisations communicate with the media and maintain a high PR profile in the public eye.

Kiss n Sell specialises in national and international news coverage. Quite simply our clients make news because we make news.

On behalf of individual clients we negotiate contracts and act as powerful middlemen between our clients and the media. Our services have helped many people and companies make hundreds of thousands of pounds through the media.

With the huge resources and infrastructure of the Where On Earth Group, Kiss n Sell is the best Media consultancy and publicists to represent you in your dealings with the Press and Media.