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Talking to newspapers, Media and Press about selling a story. Sell your story for the max. Talk to our newspaper, press and media publicists. We answer your questions.

What fees are involved?
There are no upfront fees! retain 20% of the final price for your story or picture.

Can I ask your advice before I post my story?
Yes, of course. Please email any questions to us. We have to verify any story for legal reasons before we place your story up for auction anyway!

What's the purpose of this site?
Quite simply, it's a hub for people who have interesting stories and pictures to tell and the newspapers and media who would love to hear about them.

What experience do you have in offering this service?
We are a partner of an established Media Consultancy and Public Relations agency, PRHQ. We have years of experience in representing both Celebrities and ordinary people who suddenly find fame.

For Story Tellers

What information do you need?
Well, just tell us everything you can in your own words. We don't make any judgments and will need to verify your information with you and other sources if applicable. The more you can tell us and the more you can back your information up the better it is for you, and therefore for anyone wanting to bid on your story.

How much can I earn?
Well, it's all relative. Weekly magazines buy certain stories and have certain fees, the tabloids pay what they think a story is worth. The bigger and perhaps more controversial the story the more the media want it and therefore the more they'll pay for it. That is why it is important that you donít approach the media direct as you could undersell your story.

What if I change my mind once an auction has gone live?
As with all auction sites, you have the opportunity of cancelling your auction before the auction begins. Once a bid has been placed, you have then entered into an agreement with the bidders to supply the information required once a winning bid has been made. We always respect the individual but rule of thumb is only put your story up for auction if you want to tell it!

If I tell you everything won't I be giving my story away?
Once we've approved your story, the auction will be posted with any identifying or contact details removed. In the case of pictures, we will place a watermark which will make it impossible for anyone to 'borrow' your material.

How do I get paid?
The media will usually only pay on publication or broadcast. Kiss n' Sell, will receive the payment on your behalf, deduct our 20% fee, and then forward your payment to you. Usually payments are made four weeks after broadcast or publication.

For Buyers

Can I make a private offer for a story?
Well this is an auction site and all stories/pictures up for auction go to the highest bidder. However, for the bigger, more important and more controversial stories and pictures, our team of publicists will normally be involved in any negotiations for the story and syndication rights.

How do I know the story on offer is true?
We will check all stories and pictures to verify their authenticity. However, we always urge buyers to carry out their own checks on a story or picture prior to publication or broadcast.

What about contracts?
Once a sale is agreed, a contract is signed between the site and the buyer. This guarantees that the winning bidder has exclusive rights to the story and that the seller will be paid within a month of publication or broadcast.

Who are Kiss n Sell?
We are a partner site of the PRHQ PR agency, one of the UK's most influential public relations consultancies and a member of the Where On Earth Group.