Selling a story to Heat magazine * Soap Stars * Politicians * Celebrities * Film Stars * celebrity gossip and photos sold to the highest bidder * our media consultants and newspaper publicists can advise you

You may have a great story about a soap star, celebrity, politician or film star but who is going to pay the most for the exclusive rights? Our public relations consultants can advise you and negotiate the best deal with the magazines like Heat and press to get you the best price from the highest bidder.

Many people, having got the chance to make a fortune from selling photos or a story to the press, foolishly go direct and end up selling them for a fraction of their real worth. A really juicy story or photographs can fetch hundreds of thousands of pounds when syndicated. Television appearance fees, book and film rights can be worth millions if the contracts are drawn up to protect your interests.

Leave the nasty work of negotiating the best deals to the hard nosed professionals who know how to handle the press. This maybe your one chance in a lifetime opportunity to make a life changing amount of money. Do you want to risk that opportunity by going direct to the press and selling your story or photographs for less than you could have got? You can call Paul or Kizzi in confidence on 0871 717 9091 or 0871 717 9092.