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Everyone with a camera or mobile phone that can take photographs can find themselves in the right place at the right time and take a photo that could be sold for tens of thousands of pounds. Syndicated, it could be worth hundreds of thousands, yet everyday, people who have snapped a celebrity sell their photos for peanuts because they don't understand the true value of what they have.

Celebrity gossip, if proof can be provided is even more valuable in the right hands and our public relations consultants will negotiate on your behalf to protect your interests. OK magazine and others like them will pay a premium to get hold of exclusive photos of celebrities.

Photographs of before someone was famous, political scandals and backhanders, illicit and extra marital affairs can all make a lot of money if handled correctly. Going it alone normally just leads to being paid peanuts or divulging too much information allowing the press to follow up and investigate the story for themselves and cutting you out of the picture. Best to leave it to the experts. You can call Paul or Kizzi in confidence on 0871 717 9091 or 0871 717 9092.