Selling photos to Hello magazine * photographs of soap stars * photographs of celebrities * a mobile phone can make everyone a Paparazzi and earn them a small fortune

Anyone who has a mobile phone that can take photographs and has a real money earner sitting in your hands. Magazines and newspapers will pay good money for photographs of celebrities, sports stars, soap stars and politicians. Good photographs that make news sell hundreds of thousands of copies and one opportune photograph can make tens of thousands of pounds. However, knowing what a photograph or story is worth only comes with experience and many people sell their photographs and stories for a fraction of their real worth. Magazines like Hello and newspapers will pay as little as they can get away with and if you are inexperienced you could let a small fortune slip through your fingers.

If the photograph or story is worth a lot of money, our public relations consultants and newspaper publicists will intervene and negotiate on your behalf to ensure you get the maximum value. If it is of a lesser value then we will put it up for auction to the highest bidder through our online auction. Stories about celebrities or politicians that can be syndicated can be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. You can call Paul or Kizzi in confidence on 0871 717 9091 or 0871 717 9092.