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Sell a kiss and tell story to the newspapers for the best price; we know the true value of your kiss and tell story and the newspapers will pay the best price through our kiss and tell auction. If you have a big kiss and tell story, our publicists will negotiate directly with the newspapers on your behalf.

  • Kiss n Sell is a service specialising in selling news stories and pictures to the newspapers.
  • We can normally obtain a much higher price for your story than if you go direct to the newspapers.
  • We will know the true value of your story and obtain the best price to avoid you under selling or disclosing information that would allow the newspaper to publish your story and cut you out of the picture
  • The story or picture can be about anything. As long as itís your story and your picture.
  • By registering with Kiss n Sell you are effectively employing us as your publicists.
  • Your story and/ or any pictures you are offering, will be verified by our team of researchers before your news story auction is allowed to go live. This will often mean providing some proof of ID, documentation to collaborate your story and contact details.
  • Once verified, your story or picture goes live on the site and we send outline details of your story by email and text to all the newspaper editors we believe would be interested in buying your story.
  • These details will not be released or made available until after the auction has ended - and then only to the winning bidder.
  • If your story is what we consider to be a big news story, one of our publicists will negotiate directly with the newspapers on your behalf.
  • By negotiating direct, we are protecting you from disclosing information that may enable the newspaper to follow the story up without you.
  • We also know hoe to get you the best syndication rights for your story.
  • Our team will check to make sure your story or picture is new and true. This process may take a couple of days but, it's in all of our best interests to ensure that only real stories, or pictures, of real value find their way onto Kiss n Sell.
  • It's worth remembering that the media will only pay the amount bid after publication or broadcast. So, they will also be checking out the details of your story or picture before they are used.
  • If you fail to pass our verification process, however, your story - or pictures - will not be made available for auction.
  • Once your story has been verified, the site will market your story (or pictures), accept bids from the media both in the UK and, if appropriate, abroad.
  • We use the KISS formula for our charges: Keep It Straight and Simple.
  • You pay us just twenty percent of the sale price for your story or picture. Thatís it.
If you have any questions about any of this, please contact us
All emails are usually handled within 24 hours.