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If there is one thing that sells newspapers and magazines more than anything else, it is a good political scandal. Whilst a celebrity may hit the headlines for having an affair or doing something equally stupid, they are just as soon forgotten. A political scandal on the other hand can remain in the headlines for weeks and become part of history. A good example of this would be the Profumo affair which came to light in 1963 and is still written and talked about.

Unfaithful politicians, bribery and corruption, members of parliament lying in the House of Commons or the Senate can bring governments down and rock the fabric of society. When exposing anyone in power, you need the protection of a good newspaper publicist and public relations consultant to protect your interests.

If you have a story or photographs that involve any political figures, you need to speak to us in confidence and empower us to handle the story in a professional manner. We will take into consideration all the implications involved in breaking a story of this nature. You can call Paul or Kizzi in confidence on 0871 717 9091 or 0871 717 9092.