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If you have a story or photograph that involves a celebrity or famous actor or even a politician, you could hold the financial key to your future. Celebrity gossip, photographs of people before they became famous, stories about politicians having illicit affairs or involved in corruption scandals can all fetch a lot of money.

However, you have to know who to approach, what the story or photograph is really worth and know how to protect your own interests. It is often the case that someone with a kiss and tell story suddenly becomes the investigated and unless you have a good public relations consultant on your side and an experienced newspaper publicist to protect your interests, any more you may earn from selling the story could become little compensation.

This Kiss and Tell website is dedicated to getting you the best price for your stories or photographs whilst protecting your interests at the same time. We can auction your stories to the highest bidder and ensure you get the best possible market price. There is an old Fleet Street saying "A fool and his story are easily parted." And journalists and editors will do their utmost to extract the story from you without parting with their employers' money. If your story or photograph can be syndicated, you could be set up for life, so don't risk your future by going direct to the press. You can call Paul or Kizzi in confidence on 0871 717 9091 or 0871 717 9092.