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When you are planning on getting married, the future looks bright and everything in the garden looks lovely. The reality, however is that the majority of marriages go through tough periods and the secret of any successful marriage is that both partners will have worked hard at keeping their husband or wife happy. In most instances, this will have taken an enormous amount of self sacrifice on both sides. Previous page about how to make your wife happy.

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If you are serious about making your marriage a success and not one of the 50% that end up in divorce, you will need to be prepared to make an enormous effort from day one.

Even the most successful of marriages will have faced problems at times and events that would normally split the couple up only succeed in bringing them closer together. These are the marriages where the couple are also best friends, where they fall deeper in love everyday and where their partner is the single most important thing in their life. These relationships are so inextricably intertwined, where the bonds are so strong and the feelings for each other so deep, nothing in the world would ever split them asunder.

So how do you earn a marriage like this and continue to keep your wife happy?

Understanding your wife and what makes her happy and then making the commitment to do the things that make her happy is the simple answer.


Many men, having tied the knot tend to sit back and think job done. Obviously it isn't it is just the beginning but many frankly, change from being the attentive romantic to contented, ignorant slobs. The things that made them exciting and fun to be with are replaced with lazy uncaring behaviour that turns their wives into nagging, frustrated women. This leads to arguments causing unhappiness on both sides.

Leaving their clothes strewn across the bedroom, not lifting the toilet seat, leaving the toilet seat up, although the argument could always be "Why do women always leave the toilet seat down?" Not shaving or showering, not helping with the washing up, cooking, cleaning, making the bed or ironing all give rise to complaint and some idiots, instead of accepting a share of the responsibilities turn into the male chauvinist pigs that give rise to women saying that all men are the same.

You may be the main or only bread winner and your wife a full time housewife, but helping out around the house when you are at home shows consideration. Stacking or emptying the dishwasher, helping to change the bed and preparing the dinner together can also be shared moments when you can talk, joke or catch up on each others days. Sharing jobs like this may be mundane but they build bonds and cement relationships. It is time spent together, which is what you wanted before you got married and not a marriage spent in separate rooms. Failure to recognise this could mean you end up in separate beds.

Before you got married and were dating your future wife, did you take the trouble to shave and shower? Would you have peed on the toilet seat and left it? Would you have been embarrassed by anything that might have led her to believe that you were an ignorant slob? So why should getting married have changed this? Taking pride in your appearance and your behaviour shows class, anything less and you fall into the low life scum element that is at the base of society. Behaving and acting in a way that does not give your wife cause to nag shows consideration for her and takes very little effort from you.


Most men will have a higher sex drive than their wives. Most virile men will have no control over this. An erection can happen at anytime and sex will be at the forefront of their minds when this happens. Whilst women will also have sex on their minds at times, it is normally stimulated by something.

Making love and sex is not the same thing. Sometimes your wife will want and need rampant sex; at other times she will want you to make love to her. A healthy sex life will involve both and you will need to know when and where each is appropriate. You will need to be able to read the signs and this will only happen with due consideration for her feelings.

Many men stray because their sex lives diminish because their wives have lost interest. Numerous women take lovers because their husbands no longer make love to them. They have sex but they fail to romance or stimulate their wives in the way they did before they got married. Just because sex is on tap, doesn't mean that your wife doesn't want to be wooed and feel that you find her attractive and don't just need a shag.

Sex can be a horrendous act for the wife if she is put under pressure to perform when she is not in the mood. It can also be pretty unsatisfactory for the man and divisions can grow enormous when this happens. The woman believes that she is just a machine and the man feels she no longer finds him attractive and starts to look elsewhere and the woman is tempted by a male friend who is showing her the kind of attention her husband gave her before they married.

Infidelity doesn't always break up marriages but only the strongest survive, it takes years for the injured party to recover and the trust will take years to be restored. The best solution is for both parties to understand the needs of the other and work at giving each other what they need.

Having a healthy sex life is one of the major keys to having a successful marriage. Foreplay is essential and this can start with a phone call during the day telling your wife that you miss her, were just thinking about her and love her. Offering to run her a bath while you deal with the children, joining her in the bath, switching the television off, giving her a massage or even going for a walk and holding hands, complimenting her, telling her you love her are all part of foreplay.

Discover the things that give her pleasure, her erogenous zones and taking the care and time to satisfy her will ensure she enjoys your love making. Be prepared to experiment but don't expect her to do anything that she is uncomfortable with and never put her under any pressure to have sex.

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