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Although complex in many ways, at the end of the day, most men are simple creatures and keeping your husband happy should be fairly simple. Most men would like to maintain the same relationship they had with their wives before they got married. All the fun, laughs, excitement and adventure that took them on the road to marriage. It was the great time they were having that led then to believe that this was what they wanted for the rest of their lives.

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Suddenly they are thrust into a world of responsibility for someone other than themselves and if they find it difficult to cope you need to step into help and support, whilst allowing them to feel that they are still in control.

Some men are better bread winners than others and some wives will enjoy a far higher lifestyle than others and most wives will find it necessary to contribute to the household income. One of the most important things a wife can do is ensure that the household expenses do not succeed income. This can be managing the accounts but it can also involve ensuring that the husband is not put under pressure to borrow money in order to provide the things he believes you should have. We live in an "I want and must have it now society" and the UK has the highest borrowing levels per capita head in Europe. Managing your finances will prevent arguments and keep you both happy in the long term.

If you have removed the problem of not being one of the married couples who argue over their debt problems you can look at the other major reason that married couples break up and husbands stray. Romance, love, sex and lust or rather the lack of it.

It is most likely that your husband married a woman who enjoyed romantic moments, showed and demonstrated her love for him, was always up for a quickie, romantic or dirty weekend and if he was really lucky was often lustful towards him. Whole weekends were probably spent in bed; you had sex at night, often all night, sex in the morning and sometimes found the time to nip home at lunchtime for sex.

Before the wedding, Christmas and birthday presents often included sexy lingerie and jewellery

Somehow many married women change very early on in their marriages. Happiness is replaced with contentment; romantic weekends are replaced with visiting parents, shopping for the new house or DIY and lunchtimes become, well, lunchtimes.

After the wedding, Christmas presents become useful gifts like workbenches and washing machines.

If you have been married for a while and your sex life is not what it was or you are about to get married, take this advice and take the initiative because your husband may well have stopped trying.


Money may be tight and workbenches and washing machines may be essential but they have other uses. Use you imagination for goodness sake.

Doctors talk about having a healthy sex life. Sex is not a dirty word. Sex is only dirty when you do it right. Sex is fantastic, sex is exciting, it is great fun it is something two people do together especially when they love each other. Sex can incorporate making love, romance, making babies and lust. Sex is great entertainment, better than television, better than money in fact great sex is the best thing in the world.

It is highly likely, depending on your age that your parents or grandparents had and probably still have a better sex life than most couples under the age of 30. You are now desperately trying to wipe the image from your mind. However, back before the invention of television or before television became a 24 hour form of entertainment, the major form of entertainment was sex. People tended to be fitter, slimmer and healthier, work tended to be more physical and going to bed when it got dark was not having an early night.

Fifty years ago, most people didn't have a car, most wives would walk their children to school, then push the pushchair or pram to the local shops every day and come home and do the housework and prepare the evening meal before walking down to the school to collect the children. Dishwashers, tumbledryers, microwaves and other time saving devices didn't exist. Having a washing machine or vacuum cleaner was the height of luxury and most women would spend a Monday washing by hand and running the washing through a hand mangle.

Obesity or even being overweight was a rarity. Meals were prepared and cooked with fresh ingredients and the housework done with a broom or manual cleaner. People had less, didn't have high expectations, divorce was rare, they worked harder longer hours yet still had the energy to enjoy a good physical relationship.

An orgasm produces the ultimate feeling of happiness caused by enzymes being released into the brain. It is a feeling of happiness that needs regular stimulation but I would bet that your grandmother went about her housework with a regular sparkle in her eyes and your grandfather walked off to work in the morning with a spring in his step. They knew the secret of a happy marriage.

You do remember sex don't you? It's that thing that two people who love each other and find each other irresistible do together because it comes naturally. If you complain about being too tired, take a look at your diet and lifestyle and a long hard look at what it is doing to your figure and sex life. If you don't make time for each and don't enjoy a healthy attitude to sex, your marriage will suffer.


If you haven't been the instigator of any sex between you and your partner for some time don't suddenly appear in the lounge dressed in stocking and suspender whilst your husband is watching the football. Some men can feel pressurised if you suddenly become the new sex goddess on the street.

If you want to revitalise your sex or want to ensure your sex life remains spontaneous and exciting here are a few tips:
  • Next time you both go shopping, wander into the lingerie department and start fingering suspender belts, camisoles, fishnet stockings and other sexy underwear and see how he reacts. He is likely to suggest that you buy something. Let him make the suggestion so that he feels it was his idea and buy it. Flirt with him and ask him when he wants you to wear it.

  • Next time you get invited to an Ann Summers party ask him if you can go. Not because you need his permission but because he will be waiting for you to get home that evening. If he encourages you to go, ask him if there is anything he would like you to buy. Sex should be fun.

  • Next time you have a reason to phone him at work, slip into the conversation that you have been feeling horny all day. Don't say anything else. Let him take the lead and see where the conversation goes. He might not be in a position to talk but he will rush home at the earliest opportunity.

  • If you husband complains of any aches and pains offer to give him a massage. And the next time you complain of any aches and he offers you a massage, accept his offer.

  • Take the time out to have a bath or shower in the evening and then come downstairs in a negligee or teddy. All you have to say is "that's better, I feel more relaxed now." He will take care of the rest.
As you sex life improves, he will also start to take initiatives. Gifts of sexy underwear, perfume more spontaneous moments will all happen with greater regularity. Sex is like a drug, the more you have the more you want and great sex is the LSD of life. A fantastic orgasm can leave the brain in a state of total ecstasy for both parties. Be prepared to explore all avenues but don't go where you feel uncomfortable. Both parties need to be consenting.

Are men all the same?

Are women all the same?

Sex is an important part of a man's life but it should also be important and enjoyable for women. If debt, diet and poor sex can lead to the breakdown of a marriage what should a man be doing to make his wife happy?

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