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How to expose internet scams, if you know about an internet scam report it now, help us prevent other people from being scammed by ludicrous get rich schemes and internet fraudsters.

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People desperate to make money are constantly surfing the internet looking for a miracle way to get rich quick. There is no such thing but the vulnerable are often so desperate they are prepared to believe anything. If you have been caught out by and internet scam, write an article and we will pay you commission on any advertising revenue generated through the pages. We guarantee it won't make you rich but it will produce a regular small income.


During one of the lessons we were spared an example of someone who had opened an eBay shop selling his own music and film videos burned onto DVD which now sells like hotcakes. Right, so we decide to follow in his example - does the lesson warn us that we will need to obtain a degree in audiovisual skills and digital editing before we begin? How about an understanding of copyright law before we even consider this? No, nothing of the sort advised.

The actual 'go-out-and-do' instruction that we send off is never the step-by-step guidance promised in the sales letter and all comes across incredibly hit and miss. Ultimately the product you choose to specialise in is really down to you, it can be anything ranging from bric-a-brac to self-development discs or from leading computer software to rare ethnic jewellery.

Where do you start and what knowledge can you possibly have of these products? There is even an opportunity to sell ebooks containing the very same instruction about getting rich making multiple cash streams which we're told that selling a number of these books online can make you ...well...multiple cash streams. The ebooks you choose to sell are again really down to you and are only acquired by extensive research on your part. This course is concluded by you eventually being able to write your OWN ebook on how to earn from these fountains of cash which begs the question of why you wouldn't be out there doing just that rather than writing about it for others to benefit!

The successful entrepreneurs choose to show figures about what they've earned from these streams even backing it up with photocopies of itemised bank statements which may even reflect the truth ... on a good day. That 'good day' will forever act as a testimony of success beguiling people into thinking that this can made on a regular basis - which in theory can but never does!

Making multiple cash streams are of course far more complex than the simple lottery example given above, yet the sheer vagueness given in both examples are the same. Vagueness is a great tool for the scammers; it blurs that massive rift between theory and practice without having to tell any lies. At the bottom of every cash stream there needs to be a viable product. Without it, the stream cannot flow, at least not in our direction.

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