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How to be a successful entrepreneur, 20 qualities needed for entrepreneurial success. An entrepreneur has qualities that cannot be taught, only discovered within themselves.

Entrepreneurs are born not made and have a number of fundamental elements in their characters that sets them apart from people who are prepared to be followers and accept less out of life.

This is what we look for in the partners we back when launching new Internet businesses. If you can honestly say that these qualities and characteristics fit your personality and you have a good business idea, then we would be interested in talking to you.

  • Successful entrepreneurs have an unwaivering, total belief in themselves and never allow anyone or anything to dispel that belief.

  • Entrepreneurs are self-motivated; they don't need anyone or anything other than their goals to motivate them.

  • Successful entrepreneurs are not people who never fail but all successful entrepreneurs have the capacity to bounce back after failure. Most will talk about their failures as part of their learning curve.

  • Entrepreneurs are driven by a manic need to succeed. This can take the form of money, recognition, fame or power.

  • Successful entrepreneurs are the world's worst losers. They have to win at all costs.

  • Entrepreneurs are decisive, they take risks, they act impulsively on gut feelings.

  • The most successful entrepreneurs know their limitations and surround themselves with people who have the skills they lack.

  • Entrepreneurs are driven and focused on their sales targets at all times.

  • Successful entrepreneurs are prepared to make personal sacrifices in order to succeed.

  • Entrepreneurs are intuitive, recognising niche markets and business opportunities that others fail to see.

  • The most successful entrepreneurs are multi-taskers with the capacity to cope and deal with several ideas and projects at one time.

  • Entrepreneurs are organised, not necessarily on paper but in their heads and able to maintain information and monitor progress at all times.

  • Entrepreneurs make things happen, they do not spend their time dreaming about success. They get an idea and act swiftly.

  • Entrepreneurs do not recognise limits of boundaries, they set high targets, achieve them and set further goals. They are never satisfied no matter their level of success.

  • Successful entrepreneurs are determined to succeed no matter what it takes.

  • Entrepreneurs are persistent and able to endure rejection and set backs.

  • The most successful entrepreneurs do their research to ensure they have the answers before problems arise.

  • Entrepreneurs are open minded and prepared to listen and learn from everyone.

  • Successful entrepreneurs are professional in their approach to business at all times.

  • The most successful entrepreneurs never stop thinking about business, ideas and business opportunities. Few survive on more than a few hours of sleep a night and most will carry a pen and paper by their bed.
Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires personal sacrifice and commitment. Whilst having a good business idea or product is an essential element, it is the person that turns failure into success and the people who surround you that turn dreams into reality.

If you truly believe that you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, find out what makes a successful entrepreneur.

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