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If you are seeking help with financial problems you will most likely find the answers and solutions here. However, all the advice and help in the world will be of little consequence if you are not prepared to help yourself.

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To even begin to help you with your financial problems you need to understand the real causes of your financial problems. Having ascertained the real reasons, you must take positive steps to ensuring that you never, ever, ever, place yourself in an exposed financial situation again.

Failure to take these steps and accept this help and advice and you will find yourself back in the same situation again with even greater financial problems than you have now.

To solve your financial problems you have to face up to the cause and effects of your actions and the circumstances outside of your control.


Most people find themselves in a situation where their financial problems become insurmountable because of circumstances outside of their control. Divorce, redundancy, long term illness to name just a few.

As a result, they find themselves on a reduced income, bills start to pile up, payments get missed on store cards, credit cars, the bank imposes penalties for being overdrawn, the mortgage gets in arrears and the debts become insurmountable.

You cannot be blamed for circumstances outside of your control but you have to take responsibility for your borrowings, which are normally the bills that are really crippling you.

People, who don't borrow financial, when faced with major changes in their personal circumstances, are usually in a position to handle the problem and make relatively minor changes to their lifestyle until they get their life sorted out.

If you have serious financial problems, you will most likely need to do one of two things.

Having got yourself into a situation where you can manage your finances, you need to take further positive steps to ensure you never place yourself in a vulnerable situation again.

  • Who in the right mind borrows the equivalent of half a year's income on a new car? Someone with low self esteem, someone who feels the need to impress, someone who is prepared to put themselves in debt just to be seen driving a status symbol. Who are they kidding? Only the other idiots who measure success in this manner, certainly not the people who follow this advice. If you want a nice car, get yourself in a situation where you can afford to pay cash. All things are possible if you follow this advice.

  • Stop whinging about how little you earn. If you are on a low income; do something about it. There are ways of earning additional income, working from home that have the potential to earn far more financial than you are earning now. Stop moaning and take steps to start earning money from home.

  • If you need to make a major purchase - wait. Do you need it now? Can it wait until you have saved enough to pay cash. If you wait and pay cash, the likelihood is it will cost 75% less than if you borrow on finance.

  • Do something about reducing the cost of your telephone, gas and electricity bills. Switch suppliers, this one offers the opportunity to make free calls to any UK landline telephone number all day, every day.

  • But don't just stop at changing your telephone supplier, do something about cutting your electricity and gas bills as well.

  • Even changing the food you put in your shopping trolley could save you 2,000 per annum. 40 per week saved, every week and a healthier lifestyle too. Healthy living equals a healthy bank balance. Manage your debts by managing your diet.

You may be at your lowest point right now, but by following the above advice, you will be doing more to help yourself to financial recovery than you can imagine.

People who don't borrow financial are nearly always the people who pick up the bargains because they are always in a position to pay cash. People who borrow financial are often up to their credit limits, paying out thousands a year in interest repayments and unable to seize the opportunities when the chance to pick up a real bargain occurs.

If you have to consolidate your debts with a loan or apply for an IVA, make sure you do not become a serial debtor by continuing to borrow financial.

By working from home and earning additional income, you will be able to put yourself in a strong financial position by working hard. In a few years time, you will look back on this period of your life and realise that everything comes to those who hussle while they wait.

No matter how big the financial problems - there are always solutions.


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