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Get rich quick schemes and scams exposed, the truth behind the make money fast and get rich schemes that are nothing more than internet scams designed to make the scammers rich quick.

The credit crunch in the UK and USA is causing more people, desperate to make some fast money get on the internet looking for get rich quick schemes. And as usual, the scammers are busy coming up with what appear to be easy ways to make some guaranteed money using persuasive arguments that look totally feasible. Sadly, when people have financial problems they are usually at their most vulnerable and all too often prepared to believe the false claims made by scammers offering an easy road to riches.

Our job is to try and ensure that as many people as possible read our web pages before they fall into the hands of the scammers who pollute the internet and prey on people desperate to make money and who can ill afford to lose money on a scam.

The following article was written by someone who fell foul of the get rich scam he describes below. We are publishing his article and paying him a share of the advertising revenue that will be generated through these pages. It isn't going to make him rich but it will provide a regular income and we are happy to publish articles from anyone on almost any subject.

We want to drive this point home. There is no such thing as a guaranteed way to get rich; no such thing as a get rich quick scheme and if any website is making claims that appear too good to be true - it is almost certainly a scam.

There are ways to make money on the internet, writing articles is just one of them and it doesn't cost a penny but it does involve time and effort. You will find lots of genuine business ideas and opportunities by exploring this site and we would recommend you buying The Golden Web, the guide to making money on the internet and considered the internet bible by internet entrepreneurs. What you won't find here or in the Golden Web are any get rich schemes or guaranteed ways of making money. What you will find is sound advice which is based on hard work and persistent effort.

The stream of vagueness behind cash-stream earnings flowing in the direction of scammers

Here's a flawless idea for a sales letter that could enable people to become millionaires overnight:

First provide an endless list about what your system ISN'T; referral schemes, sales, multi-level-marketing, cold calling, racing tips, property, stock market, penny shares etc etc

Then briefly summarise what it IS; "just by entering a few numbers into an automated system each week (be as vague as possible) you will open up a staggering heap of untaxed profit - all legally yours!"

Give a testimonial or two about so-and-so from Blackburn who is now set up for life in a huge luxury property, now driving a Porsche~ even supply a verifiable reference to this person.

Then charge something like 40.00 for this information insisting it is 'just a drop in the ocean of what they are about to make'.

Once they have sent you their cheque, enclose the information by first class post announcing that this brilliant and lucrative system is in fact THE NATIONAL LOTTERY - they even throw in a few lotto coupons for good measure!

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You will find lots of genuine business ideas and opportunities by exploring this site and we would recommend you buying The Golden Web - The Internet Entrepreneur's Definitive Guide to Making Money Online.

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