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  1. The wife of US President Lyndon B. Johnson was seldom referred to by her real name, Claudia, but by a name given her by her nurse in childhood. What name?
    Lady Bird (N.B. not same connotation as in UK - US term is ladybug)

  2. Where in London is the Ladies' Mile, much favoured in Victorian times by lady horse-riders?
    North side of the Serpentine, Hyde Park

  3. A personification of good fortune.
    Lady Luck

  4. Who or what is the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street?
    The Bank of England (after a caricature by Gillray)

  5. Two fat ladies stand for what number in bingo?

  6. Proverbially, what never won fair lady?
    Faint heart

  7. Who was the Lady of the Lamp?
    Florence Nightingale

  8. The Dark Lady is a subject of which poems?
    Shakespeare Sonnets (especially 127-153)

  9. An alternative name for the three-card trick?
    Find the Lady

  10. In Arthurian legend Merlin the necromancer is entangled in a thornbush - where he still supposedly sleeps - by Vivien. Vivien is otherwise known as what?
    The Lady of the Lake

  11. Whose album was Electric Ladyland?
    Jimi Hendrix

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