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Book Murder at the Regal Hotel continued:

The next morning I phoned Jane to tell her that Sian had agreed we would work on the case.

She was suitably grateful, "Oh, thank you. You are a darling! Where will you start?"

"Well, I need to speak to Greg but not straight away. Can you talk to him and tell him how important it is that he remembers everything? After all, he must know more than he's told me about the other case Frenchie was working on. Frenchie must have dropped some hints. And also, the case he was working on himself, the names of the client and the woman who had gone missing. Since Frenchie was working on that too, it could have something to do with his being shot. In the meantime, I don't suppose you could get me into the Regal Hotel, could you? It would be useful for me to see the scene itself. It's too easy to imagine what happened and then find that some detail gets in the way."

She seemed doubtful about that. "I'm not sure that SOCO have finished yet. I'll find out."

"Thanks. I don't see why they should take a long time about it. It seems pretty clear cut what happened." I continued, "And the police think it's cut and dried so they won't want a lot of extraneous detail. Just enough to prosecute."

"Well, we'll see everything they get," she said, "and I'll try to get it as soon as possible so that Sian can see it."

"I'll want to see it too. She isn't the only one with brains."

"All right, "she said, not in the least apologetic. "Don't be so touchy."

"Oh, one other thing. At some point the police will probably want to see Wyatt's files on the case Frenchie was working on. If I know him he'll resist as much as possible and they'll need a subpoena. So they'll need to specify what they want to see. We'll need to see them too, but don't tell him that too soon. If he has a suspicion that we'll want to see his files, they'll somehow get lost, or destroyed or something."

Jane was surprised, "But he can't destroy his files. That would be destroying evidence and impeding the police in the course of an enquiry."

"Don't ever be surprised at anything Y.Y. can do. He'll wriggle and wriggle and do the very minimum. There is an alternative of course."

"An alternative? What's that?"

"We break into his office at night and get a look at the files for ourselves."

She was shocked, "Davy! What a suggestion!"

"O.K. Just a thought."

"You weren't serious? No, we couldn't do that. In any case Sian wouldn't agree to it. Would she?"

"She doesn't always question my methods. She doesn't always know my methods."

"I can't believe it. In any case it's out of the question."

"You're the boss. Call me back when you know about the hotel, and when you've spoken to Greg again."

"Yes, I will."

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