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More and more people are emigrating or buying property overseas. Many of them lose thousands of pounds by using their banks to buy their foreign currency. Hardly the best first step when emigrating, especially when finances are so important when moving overseas.

When you are planning on emigrating, you are obviously working to a strict budget. One of the most important points to consider is getting the most foreign currency out of exchanging your money. This is why you should talk to us.

The foreign exchange rates quoted by the high street banks are considerably worse than the exchange rates available through specialist currency dealers like us. By using us to exchange your money, your bank account will be far healthier when emigrating. Do not make the mistake of being fooled by claims of "zero percent commission" often claimed by the banks. Check the exchange rate itself to see what you actually end up with. This will often be 1 2% better by using an independent currency broker. On a foreign exchange deal of 400,000, this could mean an extra 8,000 in your bank account when you emigrate. This could go a long way to buying a new car once you have settled. Furthermore, you will not be charged any fees, and your foreign currency will be transferred abroad free of charge.

So if you are emigrating to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or anywhere else abroad, or simply buying an overseas property, talk to us to discover how much better off you could be by using us.

Having spent years paying outrageous bank charges, the cost of moving your financial assets overseas would be the final insult. By using us as your foreign currency exchange broker to secure the best available currency exchange rate, you will preserve your capital for your new life abroad.

In addition to providing exceptionally keen exchange rates, dealing through us will also give you access to a selection of tools and currency dealing mechanisms designed to help you get the most from your financial transaction, and protect you from the risks of currency exchange.

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