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The Where On Earth Group are Europe's largest internetwork with business interests spanning scores of countries.

Our Free Property Finder Service has hundreds of property specialists living and working in localised areas. Our property experts know their markets and properties and are therefore best placed to advise and guide you on what properties and in which areas you should buy.

If we do not currently cover a country or region that interests you, please come back for another visit as we are continually expanding this service and property consultants are joining us all the time.

The whole concept of our free property finder service is to provide a bespoke service to busy professionals who are genuinely serious about buying and investing in property but do not have the time to do the research themselves. Estate agents who are inundated with enquiries from dreamers and window shoppers know our reputation for dealing only with serious professionals.

Our property specialists act as personal shoppers, cutting out all the time wasting procedures, providing our clients with a qualified short list of properties that tick all their boxes.

Estate agents know that we will not let them palm one of our clients off with an unsuitable property but at the same time know they are dealing with a genuine enquiry.

As it is the estate agents who pay us, should they make a sale, property investors have no reason not to use our service unless they have time to waste, don't mind losing money or are simply not serious about buying a property.

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