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E-lastic marketing as the name suggests is a specialist UK business to business emailing service that provides flexible email marketing facilities enabling users to stretch their marketing budget further and continue to fit their requirements as they expand.

A joint business venture between Javelin Marketing, Divadani Design and the Where On Earth Group, all leaders in their own specialist areas of expertise, making E-lastic marketing a cost efficient and highly effective marketing vehicle to generate more sales and visitors to your website.

If you are looking for ways to generate more sales through the internet, we have a number of tried and tested marketing services that have proved highly successful for all the clients who have used them. There are three ways that you can use our business to business emailing services.
  • Your own database. If you have your own database of opt in subscribers we can handle your business to business emailing campaigns as an outsourced email marketing department. We can help put together a concise and succinct marketing message in either HTML or plain text format. We can also provide reports detailing who read your email and who clicked though to your website, enabling you to follow up those clients who expressed an interest but did not follow through. We can ensure that the emails comply with all international internet law, preventing you from falling foul of the various and complex legal formalities that could get your website blacklisted or lead to legal proceedings. We do not send out emails to databases where the client has simply purchased a list. We also reserve the right to decline any client who wished to send content that may cause offence, whether they be moral, ethical or products and services that are not business related.

  • Our business to business database. With a database approaching 500,000 UK business to business email addresses, we are well placed to help generate new customers and visitors to your website if you are looking to expand your customer base. We can help you write a clear and concise marketing message, design an individual and personalised email in HTML or plain text format and provide reports on who read it and clicked through to your website. We recommend that companies trying us for the first time order just 10 or 20 thousand email recipients to test the water. Having tried our emailing systems, you will then be in a position to determine your next step. You could then decide to work your way through the rest of our database, follow up your original email to the same 10 or 20 thousand recipients, or start a major campaign to a much larger audience. If you decide on the latter, you should ensure that you have the systems and staffing levels in place to cope with the number of enquiries you are likely to generate.

  • Business newsletter. Our business newsletter is sent out on a regular basis and carries advertising slots. The newsletter carries information supplied by accountants, lawyers and business advisors designed to keep recipients up to date with changes in legislation regarding business tax and law, new business ideas and advice. It is highly relevant to today's business environment, well received and awaited by recipients. It is an ideal vehicle for small or new start up companies, new product launches, special offers, money saving deals and specialist niche markets. If you are a UK business, you would be well advised to subscribe. Every newsletter carries a link through to a permanent web page carrying the adverts within the newsletter with links through to the advertisers website. Each page is optimised for the search engines, providing advertisers the opportunity for long term financial returns. An example of these web pages can be found here.
Whilst E-lastic is a specialist UK business to business emailing service, we are part of large group of marketing and advertising companies that can help with: When it comes to marketing, there is no such thing as over exposure and that we could expose you to the danger of doing more business.

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