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The companies making the most money from the internet are not in business to make money. They are in business for profit and if you understand the enormous difference, you will also understand the essential need for affordable targeted marketing to generate sales.

The second thing to understand about any business to business email marketing service is that there are no guarantees. Companies who have tried it and lost money did so because they employed the wrong company, purchased a rubbish database or didn't understand how business to business email marketing works. Your product or offer has to be right, your marketing message including any benefits have to be clear and succinct and the financial returns you are looking for have to be in keeping with your marketing budget.

You are highly unlikely to make millions by investing a few hundred pounds and there is no point in investing millions if you can only handle orders of a few hundred thousand. Common sense has to prevail at all times .and B2B emailing is something where you need oodles of common sense. It is a marketing system where you build up gradually, testing the water and trying our different techniques.

Business to business email marketing enables companies to reach a wide but targeted audience for very little outlay in relation to the potential returns. Getting the message right, making it succinct and the benefits clear are essential. It is something you have to do on a regular basis without making a complete nuisance of yourself. Tracking and reporting is essential as it will tell you who was interested enough to read your email, who took the trouble to click through and who bought.

Gradually, over a period of time you build up a picture of who is actually interested in what you do and who may potentially be your next customer.

Companies that try to cut costs by handling their own business to business marketing often get it wrong. They may know their product but this does not necessarily mean they understand how to market their product. The old adage of "aim low and you will shoot yourself in the foot" applies here. Large companies, despite their high staffing levels invariably outsource their advertising and marketing to specialist agencies. This is not just because they have the money to invest, it is because they are in business for profit and know they need expert help.

Trying to handle your own business to business email marketing is not a clever business decision. It does not save you money, it does not generate the levels of return that a professional marketing company can achieve, it just erodes away at your profit margins.

Using our business to business email marketing services does not add to your overheads, it increases your sales.

E-lastic email marketing is a joint venture managed by Javelin Marketing a leading UK marketing company, Divadani Design one of the most respected design agencies in the UK and the Where On Earth Group, Europe's largest internetwork and the recognised leader in internet marketing. Together, we make a formidable team, providing a marketing service that is unsurpassed anywhere.

Our combined experience enables us to provide innovative and powerful marketing solutions to clients who are looking at ways to increase their sales. We believe the results we can achieve on your behalf will go far beyond your expectations.

If you have a start up company, new product launch, want to convey a marketing message to a mass audience or are investigating ways to increase sales, E-lastic business to business email marketing services may well be the solution.

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