Commercial finance and mortgages to purchase a business, stock, plant and machinery, commercial premises and other business reasons.

Business loans to buy a restaurant, business finance to buy commercial premises and business loans to buy a business.

A business loans is a loan, which is secured on a commercial property. Business loans are often used to buy business premises, but they can also be used to buy other business assets such as plant or machinery, golf courses and golf clubs, a nursing home or Guesthouse.

Like residential mortgages, business loans run for a set period of time, normally 25 years, and the monthly loan repayments are usually made up of interest and repayment of the capital.

As well as being a useful way of financing the purchase of business premises for a new business, commercial loans can also be an excellent way of funding the expansion of an existing business.

Commercial loans can also be used to fund investment in land or property, which will be used for commercial purposes.
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