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Most new inventions rarely make it off the drawing board, the few that do never get past the prototype stage. Often, because the inventor is not a business person, they rarely make it into production and because the inventor never got backing or funding, their new invention never makes it to the market place.

Grim reading if you are an inventor who has just invented the world's next big life changing product like the television or car. Even worse, if your idea is something more mundane but just as useful. The fact is that most inventors don't know the first thing about business, don't know how to get their product to market and don't know how to sell or market it.

Before you go looking for a backer or funding for your new invention, there are certain protocols that need to be put in place and facts you need to understand to avoid getting ripped off, disappointed and rejected by every business angel or venture capitalist that you approach.
  • You must have a working prototype of your invention. Plans, drawings and ideas are not an invention and no serious backer will even give you an appointment if you cannot demonstrate a working model.

  • If your invention is so innovative and unique that nothing like it is currently on the market, you must obtain the worldwide patents. No professional backer will consider investing without proof of this protection or take any serious look at you without at least a patent pending.

  • Ideally, you will have been able to source a company to produce your product, and have already paid for the first production run to meet initial orders or at least show potential clients.

  • It is also important that you own the licence rights to any dais or any other production and manufacturing patterns. Or you could find yourself in deep water at a later date.
If you can tick all these boxes, then we would be interested in talking to you.

We understand that most inventors, because of the way they think don't always make good business people or successful entrepreneurs. Inventors can see opportunities and uses for things that may appear obvious to them, that the average person wouldn't think of. Most inventors can convey an idea on paper and see it through to production because they are normally associated in one form or another with manufacturing and engineering.

Talk to an inventor about business models, cash flow projections, net profit, marketing, advertising, market shares and PR and, with a few exceptions their eyes will normally glaze over. This is where most inventors and their inventions stumble at the first hurdle. This is why the best business decision you could make right now is talk to us.

If we see a new invention that we believe has great market potential, we don't need to see a business plan with financial projections to decide if we will back you. We have the resources and infrastructure to do all the research to come up with the answers. Our accountants and financial directors do the sums; we're not looking for pie in the sky financial forecasts from you because we know you couldn't possibly know how or where to find the information needed to put together any realistic business plan. We do that.

And we have all the resources and infrastructure to launch any new exciting product onto the market both in the UK and worldwide.

The bulk of the investment needed for the successful launch of any new invention or product always goes into marketing, advertising, PR and staff needed to generate initial sales. If the demand is there, the sales come in and the cash flow necessary to produce more of the new product is generated. Providing the cash flow is managed correctly, you have a successful business on your hands.

This is our area of expertise and where we can be the best business partners for any inventor seeking the financial backing for a new invention.

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