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E-lastic marketing as they name infers is a B2B email marketing service that enables you to stretch your marketing budget further, provides total flexibility, can be adapted to fit any marketing budget and will continue to fit your requirements whilst delivering results as your business expands.

E-lastic marketing is a joint venture between Javelin Marketing, Divadani Design and the Where On Earth Group, combining our innovative marketing, design and internet advertising skills to produce an unbeatable email marketing service. We are a team of companies with expertise and experience in our respective fields that makes us unsurpassable when it comes to B2B email marketing campaigns.

Our database of 500,000 B2B email addresses is used to send business newsletters and personalised emails that are highly relevant and well received by businesses that understand the importance of being open minded to new ideas and business information.

We do not send emails that may cause offence, do not contain subscribers, are not relevant to our subscribers and reserve the right to refuse or decline any request that we consider not to be in keeping with our highly respected reputation.

All the emails we send are fully compliant with internet law and protocols.

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